Wo We Are

The Orioli family has been building and repairing ships and boats for more than 70 years ago with the business passing from father to son. Since the middle twentieth century to the present day, the family members have always approached this commitment passionately and professionally. The history of the Orioli family shipyards dates back to 1946 when master builder Enrico Orioli set up his yard in Marina di Ravenna, on the eastern side of Emilia Romagna, about 100 km from Bologna .

This yard operated  operate in the field of marine services, primarily targeting consumers and seaside fishing operators (these were the years in which were spreading in Romagna the first “flies”).

In the succession of years, the children take over the generational transition, experiencing a gradual evolution of market demand and feeling more and more alive to the need to expand its headquarters, its structures and their knowledge in order to offer services also to a public boat owner,

We arrive to 90’s, and is the input time of the third generation, which currently runs the business, continuing the expansion both in terms of logistics and on the professional, in order to meet an ever-growing and demanding customer.

The company has experienced in recent years a growing, proving able to respond promptly to a pressing and fast development of nautical market and today offers the most qualified nautical facilities in the Adriatic, which can accommodate at the same time, prestigious maxi yachts and important work vehicles.

The main processes are offered: maintenance, repairs, careenage, fittings, furnishings and storage with specialized labor for each sector (electronic, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, carpentry and on recreational means of transport from work.

Historical Works:

Technical Assistance interventions and for the 12 meters S.I. Azzurra and Enterprise of Italian Association for the 1983 America’s Cup   Challenge,

Execution internal and external structural changes, seasonal maintenance routines, Il Moro di Venezia I, II, III ,

Emeraude l.f.t. 22m-Restructuring total maxiyacht and tonnage in I.M.S.,

The company was able to increase his satisfaction with the construction of Fantastica, the more modern example of Class 40 designed by Guillaume Verdier.

The client consists mainly of Italian and foreign yachtsmen, local entrepreneurs (fishing boats, motor boats for offshore services and means used for various port services) and to a lesser extent by public bodies (Harbour, ATM)

Service points for Ferretti Group, Fy, Custom Line and Pershing 30 ° years;

Boat launch and service Point for Wally, Performance Boat, Beneteau (sailing and motor), Arimar