Cantiere Orioli


The  Orioli  Shipyard has been operating in the naval sector since 1946, directed by the Orioli family over 3 generations.

It deals with the construction and maintenance of pleasure and work units in wood, metal and composite.

The Founder and shipwright Enrico Orioli started the business after the Second World War producing small wooden units.

The second generation expanded the company by building countless fishing and pleasure boats in wood, with the traditional longitudinal plating technique, up to a maximum length of 25 meters.

The third generation and current management, realizing the skills acquired in traditional construction have applied them to the construction of recreational craft, in particular racing sail, with the help of innovative materials such as composite.

The company has experienced in recent years a continuously   growing,  able to respond promptly to  fast development of nautical market and today offers  one  the most qualified nautical facilities in the Adriatic, which is able to accommodate at the same time, prestigious maxi yachts and important work vessel .

The main processes offer  on pleasure or working  yachts  are as follows : maintenance, repairs, careenage, fittings, furnishings and storage with specialized  worker  for each sector (electronic, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, carpentry .

The client consists mainly of Italian and foreign yachtsmen, local company (fishing boats, motor boats for offshore services and boats  used for various Port services) and   public  company .


Square meters of dry dock


Square meters of sheds


Floating basin careening - ton


Travel lift - ton


The shipyard  has 20,000 square meters of  external  dock yard and 2,500 square meters of  internal  sheds ; Floating Dry dock  500  Tons , n.2 Travel lift (160 or 80 Tons) , Auto self-propelled crane   ,all these facilities  allow us to  manage   client necessity  ; it is also available for the mooring of vessels up to 70 m  a   quay of 100 mt.

Among the facilities available there are several workshops where is  possible arrange  followings   jobs : Mechanical  , Carpentry, Wooden , Yacht interior construction and refurbishment ,Painting  , build and repair  Fiberglass  or  composites material  


Below is a list of the facilities and equipment available:

• Floating Dry dock  500 t (13 mt inside width, average sea draft 4.5m)

• Travel Lift 160 t (max 9.6 m wide)

• Travel Lift 80 t

• Auto self-propelled cranes from 50 t

• Fork Lift 80

• Hydraulic Cart brings 160 tons boats

• Hydraulic Cart door 40 t boats

• Aerial Platform 18 mt

• Aerial Platform 10 mt

• Dock for mooring 100 m up to 70 m, average 5m sea draft.

• 2,500 square meters of sheds

• 20,000 square meters of external dock yard

• Wooden workshop

• Mechanical workshop

•  Carpentry

• Sika refit center

• Antifouling   and  Anti osmosis Center.

•Technical Office

• Headquarter Office


• Water and electricity

• Toilets and showers

• Mooring and scuba diving service

• Raft Assistance

• Weather service

• Wifi connection

• Channel VHF Radio Surveillance 9

• Reserved park

• Mechanical assistance, electrical and electronics

• Maintenance and repair boats made of fiberglass, iron, wood and composites

• Painting Center for  external  and interiors 

• Service of the sail loft, upholstery and laundry

Cantiere Orioli

Address: Via del Marchesato 23 – 48122 Marina di Ravenna -RA – Italy

Phone: +39 0544 530429 – Fax: +39 0544 530324